Share? You Quote and you Credit

Share?  You Quote and you Credit

You have a Bunny? WE have a CAMEL Hum Magazine from the book Times Square Smut

Hum fails...three issues and done.  The book (and instant download for $8.99) of Times Square Smut is available HERE

Previously Unknown Joe Shuster Bondage Book / Digest ala Nights of Horror Education in Submission Times Square Smut

A previously unseen Joe Shuster Illustrated Digest from the 1950s.  Shuster, of course, is the early Superman artist who also drew the Nights of Horror series when he was a bit down and out.  Education in Submission by Ray Thorn is undated, but is similar in format to Mistress of Leather which appears on the list of books which were confiscated and for which Edward Mishkin was brought to trial.  Contains ten Shuster Illustrations.  No publisher is indicated.  A scarce title not documented until now.  Interestingly, the cover derives from a Shuster illustration which depicts two characters, one with a knife.  Both are missing from this cover.

Eugene Bilbrew: The Gay Digest Paperback Work

Scarce books produced by associates of organized crime for the underground homosexual market of the early 1960s.  At the time, it was risky enough to publish, sell or even own these digest-sized books.  Accordingly, they were priced (by shop-owners) through the roof.  At the time in Manhattan, the gay clubs were owned in part or in full by members of organized crime as well.  Some of artist Eugene Bilbrew's most interesting work, and the remain fascinating over 50 years later.  See ALSO TIMES SQUARE SMUT the Book available HERE from

MAMBORAMA with Bettie Page

From a 1955 Humorama digest, the complete Bettie Page Mamborama pictures!
Black Friday is approaching....see also THE BIRTH OF ROCK AND ROLL and TIMES SQUARE SMUT.

Eric Stanton Greatest Hits Vintage Sleaze Paperbacks of the 1960s

Eric Stanton defines vintage sleaze paperbacks of the 1960s.  These mid-sixties colorful paperbacks define a time when lurid sexy covers grabbed the attention of male browsers in Times Square smut shops.  On the cusp of the time when pornography went all the way and illustrators were no longer needed (except to portray activities which could hardly be photographed.)  Masterpieces of sleaze.  TIMES SQUARE SMUT the BOOK tells the story of the illustrators, models, publishers and creeps who created a revolution in sexual mores from a few bookstores in Times Square.