Share? You Quote and you Credit

Share?  You Quote and you Credit

Previously Unknown Bettie Page Photographs?

Found in a box of press clippings(with no bibliographic information) is this set of a model in leopard skin looking much like Bettie Page.  There have probably been as many Bettie Page look-a-likes as there have been "The New Bob Dylan" but comments are welcome.  This one comes pretty close. Bettie or Not? 


Leonard Burtman Model and Muse appears on the cover of Humorama Comedy Digest

Plenty of Fun!   Tana Louise in more conventional "cheesecake" guise!

The new book TIMES SQUARE SMUT reveals many such unknown images from the early days of Vintage Sleaze

You have a Bunny? WE have a CAMEL Hum Magazine from the book Times Square Smut

Hum fails...three issues and done.  The book (and instant download for $8.99) of Times Square Smut is available HERE