Share? You Quote and you Credit

Share?  You Quote and you Credit

Saturday, February 28, 2015


After seven years of research, TIMES SQUARE SMUT is finally available.  It tells the story of 72 books which were banned by the Supreme Court of the United States.  A mobster, a fetishist and a pin up king all conspire to destroy the moral fiber of 1950s America!   ORDER TODAY in paperback or instant PDF Download. Ebook for Ipad soon.  Includes unpublished Joe Shuster drawings, over 300 illustrations of rare books, wicked good drawings by Eugene Bilbrew not seen for 50 years and much, much more. 

Some highlights of the book below, and a free preview is available on the Site with ordering information.  Selected pages below.  Order the book HERE.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Bilbrew Draws a Leg Man for Leonard Burtman

Leonard Burtman would throw any fetish against the wall to see if it stuck.  While he never, to my knowledge, published a title specifically titled "LEGS" he certainly published his share of material covering the leg coverings...stockings.  Here, house artist Eugene Bilbrew takes the obsession to a logical limit...and objectifies the female form to the extreme.

Times Square Smut the Book is coming SOON.  Stay Tuned.  In the meantime, other titles are available HERE in paperback and as $5.99 ebooks. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Anita Ventura at the Artist's Ball 1956 Times Square Smut the Book

One of our heroines Anita Ventura attends the legendary Artist's Ball of 1956.  It was obviously a good year for the annual Manhattan show in which convention was ignored by attendees and the police!  As much opportunity for freelance photographers as it was party-goers.  Miss Ventura went to outer space for the show, and she received planetary publicity!  Manhattan needs WOMAN.  She isn't identified in either photo.  How do we know it is Anita?  Please.

Times Square Smut is the story of the 72 books you were not allowed to read or own, and the real artists, writers, models and criminals who produced them. AVAILABLE THIS FALL!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Times Square Smut by Jim Linderman


 250 PAGES  400 ILLUSTRATIONS FALL 2014 from and Dull Tool Dim Bulb Books.

"On December 29, 1959,  NYC police officers confiscated a number of books, alleged to be obscene, from a bookstore at 254 West 42nd Street known as Publishers' Outlet. The books were all identified and were admitted into evidence..."

A total of 72 individual book titles were seized and all copies, save those used for evidence, were destroyed.  Scarce few of  them remain today. In fact,  they are among the most rare books in the United States.

Over fifty years after a man was convicted for the crime above,  and over forty five years after the United States Supreme Court upheld his conviction, collector Jim Linderman embarked on a mission to locate and purchase each book.  Needless to say, none of them had an ISBN number or a Bar code. 

Times Square Smut is the story of the 72 books you were not allowed to read or own, and the real artists, writers, models and criminals who produced them.  The story is told by a writer who does not like to be told what books he can read.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Eugene Bilbrew Reduces Chararacterization to a Wig, Stockings, a Corset and some Shoes

Master illustrator, sometimes art director and chief renderer for House of Burtman Eugene Bilbrew conjurs up a perfect characterization of cash cow Bettie Page.  How the pinup model became cross-dressing's most famous figure of the 1950s will be revealed...

Eugene Bilbrew...Junkie, draftsman and genius helps to create an underground icon.

Times Square Smut the Book is coming soon 

Friday, July 4, 2014

Rent Party Eric Stanton Style by Jon Parker

Jon Parker imagines a way to pay the rent other than hacking it out at 50 cents a page.  Rent Party features a gloriously incongruent cover by Eric Stanton from the After Hours imprint of Stanley Malkin.  Parker also wrote Light Up, Inside Job, and two handfuls more for the early 1960s paperback lines purporting to be out of Buffalo, New York.  We'll check the address.  Times Square Smut the BOOK is coming soon.  Follow Vintage Sleaze the Blog for updates and more.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Joe Shuster Drawing from the Nights of Horror era from the forthcoming book Times Square Smut and Vintage Sleaze the Blog

Times Square Smut the book (forthcoming) by Jim Linderman will reveal numerous previously unknown and unidentified drawings by Superman Co-Creator Joe Shuster from his Nights of Horror period.  This one dates to 1954.